St. Paul Lutheran Church

147 West Forest Street
Clyde, OH 43410

Pastor: Kurt Luebkeman

St. Paul Lutheran 150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary “Memorabilia Request


~Photos/Mementos of St.Paul's History~

The 150th Anniversary Committee asks members and former members to take this time of restricted travel to look through your hidden treasures for pictures and other memorabilia of St. Paul from throughout our 150 years. We ask that you consider loaning items to display for our upcoming events at the church. Please mark your photos/items. Receiving and displaying of items will begin when worship services are reinstated. Contact Bev Mendoza 419-547-9151

150thAnniversary Committee
Bev Mendoza, Fay Langham, Deb Arnold; Co-Chairs

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