St. Paul Lutheran Youth

147 West Forest Street
Clyde, OH 43410

Youth Director Jen Rawson

Get Involved Today

With Students


  • Mentoring
  • Taking pictures or video
  • Greeting Students on Sunday or Wednesday
  • Playing in a worship band
  • Giving lessons to a student so they can join the worship band
  • Using your passion/skill to teach students how to:
    • Change a tire
    • Fix a bike
    • Start a fire
    • Bake
    • Sew
    • Write
    • Origami
  • Driving for special events
  • Calling or visiting families
  • Transporting students to and from church
  • Giving your testimony
  • Taking a student out for ice cream
  • Going to a student’s school event
  • Attend CCYG, SPY, or CAT
  • Tutoring
  • Being a Guest Speaker
Behind the Scenes


  • Praying for specific family
  • Editing media
  • Making power point presentations
  • Making flyers
  • Bake/Bring snacks for Sunday evening youth group
  • Writing notes to encourage students, parents, volunteers
  • Helping plan an event (contact businesses, organize transportation, set up service projects, get needed resources)
  • Hosting an event in your home
  • Heping to prepare bulk mailings
  • Read and review a book as a resource for parents
  • Organize a mentoring project between students and members in the church
  • Manage social media
Providing Resources


  • Sponsoring a student who can’t afford an event
  • Donating toward the needs of the youth ministry
  • Providing sports equipment
  • Advertising
  • Swag – t-shirts etc
  • Donations from your business
  • Let us borrow your…
    • Pool
    • Boat
    • Van
    • Yard
    • Tents
    • Sleeping bags
    • The skies the limit…

If you have a desire to help, please click on one of the links below to contact us on a way you would be willing to help.  Or you can just click HERE for a Join the CCYG Team form.


This page was last updated on 09/12/20.