St. Paul Lutheran Church

147 West Forest Street
Clyde, OH 43410


St. Paul Woman Of The Church

Current Responsibilities:

The Board's primary mission is to be the serving arm of the church.  We are to be active in love, not only to members of our congregation, but also to anyone in need.  The purpose of St. Paul Women is to KNOW and DO the will of our Lord Jesus Christ.  All women of St. Paul are encouraged to attend the board meetings the 1st Sunday of each month @ 9:15 AM in the lounge.  Below are just a few of the things that happen each year.

Executive Officers for 2018


Brenda SiegerSieger, Brenda
(419) 547-8836


DeAnn KraussKrauss, DeAnn
(419) 937-7514


Albright, Beverly


Jane Hilton
Hilton, Jane

Mission Action

Jane Hilton
Hilton, Jane - Co-Chair

Mission Action

Waugh, Mary - Co-Chair
(419) 547-8973

Mission Growth

DeAnn KraussKrauss, DeAnn - Co-Chair
(419) 937-7514

Travel Planner

Arnold, Debra
(419) 547-8131

Cradle Roll

Langham, Faye
(419) 765-0757

Prayer Chain

Bouyack, Margaret - Chairperson
(419) 547-9210

Mission Study Day 2018

Mission Meeting

14 Women attended the Mission Study Day


Speaker Genna Fusco-Athletes in Action & Cru (Crusade for Christ)

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