St. Paul Lutheran Church

147 West Forest Street
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Parish Education & Youth Board

Property Board

Stewardship/Finance Board

Worship Board

Endowment Committee

Memorial Committee

Nominating Committee

Lutheran Social Services

Ohio Mission

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Evangelism & Social Board - click here to contact - Back to TOP

Current Responsibilities:

SiegerSieger, Brenda - Council Thorbahn, TomThorbahn, Tom - Council

Evangelism & Social Board Members

Bell, Betty Duskin, Sharon

Parish Education & Youth Board - Back to TOP

Parish Ed & Youth Board meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Church Lounge.

Current Activities:

Tim BillingsBillings, Tim - Council Bouyack, TysonBouyack, Tyson - Chairman
Pawsey, JohnPawsey, John - Council RawsonRawson, Jen - Youth Director

Parish Education & Youth Board Members

Cooper, Jack Elder, Halle Hilliker, Amy
Jess, Karen Krauss, DeAnn Langham, Faye
Langham, Terry Paradiso, Tony Sawyer, Karen

Property Board - Back to TOP

John Dagg
Dagg, John - Chairman
DeAnn Krauss
Krauss, DeAnn - Council
Steve JessJess, Steve - Council

Property Board Members

Kessler, Bob Larkins, Kevin

Stewardship/Finance Board - click here to contact - Back to TOP

Current Responsibilities:

The Board's primary mission is to make sure we as a congregation, take ownership of and firmly believe the gifts we offer will be used to uphold the faith we have with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We need to ensure our gifts are used to help change, improve or save the lives of God's people and help those receive the blessings of Christ the and hear the Word, not only here locally but around the Globe.  Some of these organizations are:

Rieman, KendallRieman, Kendall - Council
Wasson, RayWasson, Ray - Chairman
Sue MayesMayes, Susan - Financial Secretary Jim ShullShull, Jim - Treasurer

Stewardship/Finance Board Members

Billings, Tim Paradiso, Tony Wilson, Jim

Worship Board - click here to contact - Back to TOP

Current Responsibilities:

The Worship Board is responsible to meet the congregation's spiritual needs by:
Hilton, JaneHilton, Jane - Council
Ken StuckyStucky, Kendall - Council

Worship Board Members

Arnold, Deb Conley, Naomi Cunningham, Jackie
Kessler, Sandy Loose, Barb Mowry, Dot
Myers, Mike

Endowment Committee - Back to TOP

Avery, GregAvery, Greg - Chairman Avers, KenAvers, Ken - Recording Secretary
Tony Paradiso
Paradiso, Tony - Financial Secretary

Endowment Committee Members

Bouyack, Fred Caudill, Pam Frasher, Walt
Hutchinson, Bill Kimmet, Duane Potts, Kathy

Memorial Committee - Back to TOP

Bouyack, SherryBouyack, Sherry - Chairperson Jim ShullShull, Jim - Treasurer

Memorial Committe Members

Cooper, Vicki Dagg, John Glass, John
Jess, Steve Larkins, Michelle Lobdell, Carol
Turner, Deanna

Nominating Committee - Back to TOP

Betty Bell
Bell, Betty
Mendoza, BevMendoza, Bev  

Lutheran Social Services - Back to TOP

Walt & Sherry Frasher
Frasher, Walt & Sherry 

Ohio Mission - Back to TOP

Langham, Faye

Men of St. Paul Lutheran Church - Back to TOP

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