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Partners w/ Panzo Family

Dear Partners in mission,
We know for sure that it been long since our last update for mission. The reason behind this is the electricity and internet failure. The present contain is part of May Prayer News as we experienced the blessings of God in many areas of mission and let us express our thanks to you because of your generosity giving and the love of God's mission. Always your prayers are needed. May the Lord continue to use you for the change of the world and to save those who are lost through action.
May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in His work.
Your partners in mission,
Didi & Serafina.

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Water Mission

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico | Powerful Solutions

Water Mission mobilized shortly after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and initial assessments uncovered a unique need. With electricity out for most of the island, there were hundreds of rural communities with intact water systems that were inoperable because there was no power. Power is a part of every water project, so Water Mission disaster relief teams immediately started focusing on reconnecting the existing water systems to reliable power sources.

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Set up for Success: Transitioning Project Ownership

For a safe water project, the transition from being managed by Water Mission to being managed by the recipient community is the last step of a successful implementation. More than 2,400 projects are now being overseen by local Safe Water Committees!

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Finding New Life: Refuge in Uganda

Prior to Water Mission providing access to safe water in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, there was not enough water, and fights would frequently break out between the refugees and the local population. Today, resident Dada Angelo shares, "Water Mission installed pipes and tap stands, which changed everything. Now the water is plentiful and there is no arguing over it."

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Investing in Relationships

In January, staff from Charleston and Indonesia gathered for an engineering and community development workshop. They shared updates on strategy, global standards, innovations in engineering, and community development processes.

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Light Shines in Darkness

Every year, the Water Mission Uganda team personally collects money, clothes, and food to share with those in need. When they deliver their gifts, they also share the love of Christ. Recently, the team visited Kirinya Prison in Jinja, Uganda.

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