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Partners w/ Panzo Family

Dear Partners in mission,
We are sending you our October Prayer News in attachment just to keep you posted about our work and what is happening around us. Generally we are doing well by God grace and fulfilling the work that we are doing together. We are so thankful for your giving and prayers that maintain us in the field by His mercy.
Let the almighty God continue to use and bless your effort as you are advancing His work through us.
Didi & Serafina.

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Water Mission


Hope and Healing in Uganda

Hope and Healing in Uganda

This past June, Molly and George Greene III traveled with a team of Water Mission friends and partners to see the impact of safe water projects in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania. When they visited St. Francis Hospital in Buluba, Uganda, where Water Mission provided safe water over four years ago, they were greeted with overflowing joy and warmth. The transformational impact safe water has made in this community was evident.

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Safe Water for All

Safe Water for All
Empowering Refugees & Host Communities in Tanzania

Facing violence and economic decline, hundreds of thousands of Burundians have fled to neighboring Tanzania, overwhelming the area's already insufficient resources.

Nearby communities are often living in even worse conditions than the refugees. We're meeting the needs of refugees and communities alike.

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The Power of Trusted Relationships
Community Development
in Kenya

In the community of Enkereri, Kenya, the importance of our community development work in ensuring long-term success of sustainable water solutions is apparent. Our teams build the framework that mobilizes the community to wholeheartedly pour themselves into the safe water project that empowers those served.

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The Power of Trusted Relationships


Thank you for providing safe and Living Water to those in need around the world.

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