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Partners w/ Panzo Family

Dear Partners in mission,
Praise to God our father, to Jesus Christ our Saviour and to the Holy Spirit our redeemer for the gift of life. We are so glad to continue informing you that God is at work here in the West DRC mission and because of your prayers and supports, things are going well. We are in a very challenging country that require hope and faith in Christ. You are the one who joint us in prayer day and night, the prayers that strengthen us in the most difficult times. We are so thankful to all of you that the Word of God can be preached and souls are being saved. It is very encouraging to see the hopeless people like farmers improving their life daily because of the small seeds that we provided to them. Women in domestic violence, sexual abuses and orphans children are regaining their self esteem because of the sharing of the Gospel through counselling, dialogue and prayers. Our hope is that God will do more and bring His children to Himself in conforting them through our witness. Lets to gather hold hands by hands for the sake of God's mission and the salvation of the DRC people of whom we are serving as ambassadors.
May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in His work.
Your partners in mission,
Didi & Serafina.

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Water Mission

Celebrating Strong WomenThis Mother's Day, we're celebrating strong women. Every day, mothers around the world fight a harder battle than we can imagine to provide water for their families.

Hortencia, a mother of six in El Encanto, Mexico, is all too familiar with this battle. No matter how hard she worked, she could not provide safe water for her children. Then, Water Mission installed a treatment system in her community.

Hortencia considers the new water source an answer to prayer. She attends safe water meetings and volunteers as a way to show her gratitude.

"I am trying to do all I can to help Water Mission because it is good what they are doing." – Hortencia

Join us in sharing safe water and the love of Jesus with more strong women this Mother’s Day.

Give Safe Water


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