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Pastor: Kurt Luebkeman

Stephen Ministry at St. Paul

The Stephen Ministry program is a free and confidential service provided by St Paul for its people in need of care.

The answers to the following questions you might have can be found below:

What is the Stephen Ministry program?

    Stephen Ministry is a nationwide program named after Stephen, the first of the deacons in the early church, commissioned by the apostles to provide care and comfort for the needs of people in the Christian community. Today, at St. Paul Lutheran Church and around the world, volunteer lay ministers who have completed intensive training and participate in on-going training, provide confidential, caring ministry to those experiencing a wide range of life needs or crises. It is an extension, not a replacement, of pastoral care.

Who is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are dedicated lay people who:

What training do they have?

Stephen Ministers receive extensive training which includes:

How effective is it?

    When people experience loss, grief, or other stressful changes in their lives, there is a need for an empathetic listener. Family and close friends are often too emotionally involved to meet this need. Stephen Ministers are trained to be caring Christian friends who can help hurting individuals sort out options. They do not give advice or provide solutions. Stephen Ministers are not professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, or experts in law, finance, church doctrine, and so on, but neither are they merely superficial visitors. God is viewed as providing the cure while Stephen Ministers provide the care.

    Stephen Ministers receive care themselves when they attend required, monthly peer supervision and continuing education meetings. Here, Stephen Ministers discuss their caring relationships (maintaining complete anonymity of the care receivers, and staying away from details of the care receiver's situation) and receive consultation and support from other Stephen Ministers.

Am I assured of confidentiality?

    Confidentiality is the basis of all Stephen Ministry relationships. Anyone receiving care can be assured that his or her identity—and what is shared in a caring relationship—will remain private.

How can I tell if I really need to talk?

What are some examples of problems Stephen Ministers deal with?

Those experiencing:

How do I get a Stephen Minister??

    Simply call the church office at 419-547-9225 and ask to speak to the Stephen Ministry Referrals Coordinator.

    When someone, such as yourself, a relative, or a friend is hurting and in need of Christian care, please feel free to call Pastor Knoke. Once he learns about a need, he can place a call. All contacts are made only with the person's permission.

    The Referrals Coordinator meets with the person, explains how the Stephen Ministry works and then assigns a Stephen Minister to meet on a weekly, or as-needed, basis with the person.

    The Stephen Minister continues to provide distinctively Christian care for the person in strict confidentiality.

Who are the Stephen Ministers?

Active Stephen Minister Leaders are:
Active, trained Stephen Ministers are:

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