Sunday 8:00am

At 8:00 am we offer a traditional Lutheran Divine Worship service with most of the hymns and liturgy accompanied on our vintage pipe organ. Lectors read the appointed lessons from the Lectionary. The liturgical musical setting changes seasonally. All are welcome at this service. Feel free to come as you are!


Saturday 5:00pm

In our Saturday 5:00 pm service you will encounter a variety of music styles ranging from traditional hymns to modern songs. Lectors read the appointed lessons and most of the elements of the Lutheran Divine Service are retained yet they may be presented in a more casual, up-to-date manner. The atmosphere is casual, and you may attend in whatever clothing you feel most comfortable.


Sunday 10:30am

At this service our band leads the worshipers in upbeat, vibrant worship. Words to the worship songs and other parts of the service are presented on screens up front. After our hearts have been touched through times of prayer and confession, our pastor brings a message based on God’s Word. We end the service with an uplifting song and a blessing from the pastor to send us on our way. Please come dressed in a way that’s most comfortable for you, from blue jeans to more formal attire. We’re more concerned about you as a person than how you’re dressed!